It’s Praying Time…..

Does God hear my prayer? Do you know how to pray? Why should I pray? Let’s answer these questions.  Prayer is simple, it is just communicating with God.  His ears are open to hear and answer our prayers.  Exodus 6:5 says, “Now, I have heard the painful cries, I know that there are slaves in Egypt.  I will remember my agreement.”  When I read this I was so excited.  God was reminding us that crying out to Him refreshes His memory.  We need to stop worrying  and start praying.  Stop doubting and start believing that He hears our prayers.  So when we pray He will be reminded of His promises or His agreement that He has made with us.  Now that is enough for us to to give Him praise.  So do not stop praying, pray more.  As you are reading this blog, stop and start praying.  He is waiting to hear your cry!


First Lady Victoria Robinson