It’s Your Time

I have found that 90% of Christians, whether they are young or old, when faced with problems always seem to believe in others around them to play “MR. FIX IT”. In the last few months of my life I have been faced with my own problems. I have had others trying to distribute solutions to mine and to theirs, but what I have also found is that God’s plan is not our plan. We focus so much on how others will portray us or what they will say; and how to impress others, but the question is WHAT WOULD GOD SAY? The biggest mistake that I see displayed today is not knowing when to sit and listen to God or open his word. As soon as a problem occurs in our lives we are quick to run to the next available person when God is always available. We want God to work fast in our lives when we can’t give God even 5 minutes of our time. So when things look so blurry the best person to believe in to FIX IT is God.

I read in devotion, Mark 9:24 “The Father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou unbelief”. A wise person once told me that “Genuine faith does not trust in one’s own or others ability to believe, to work, or to obey. True faith looks to Christ to fulfill all our gaping inadequacies.” So when faced with problems believe, have faith in God that he will fix it instead of Man. Remember God already knew his plan for our lives before we were even born. So the goal for this month is: When faced with a trial, be bold enough to go to God in prayer, open your Word, listen to a few gospel songs, or kneel down and say “JESUS JESUS JESUS”, trust me this is the best way to have a peace of mind when at your weakest point. He may not come when you want him, but OUR God is always on time.



 Brittany Spencer